Aitor Tejedor

Video game programmer



Hey there!

I am Aitor Tejedor, a programmer from Bilbao and co-founder of Kaia Studios. I love video games, both making and playing them.

I graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe – Bilbao in 2015, 4 years after starting the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation. DigiPen was a great learning experience for me, I started knowing nothing about programming, and ended having participated in many projects with people from many countries, being able to work under very hard conditions, similar to current industry standards.

After graduating, I co-founded Kaia Studios with several colleagues from DigiPen and started working on Dynasty Feud, my first professional video game. It was released on Steam on May 27th, and is planned to be released on PS4 on November of 2017.

In this web I’ll be showing projects made while being at DigiPen and several techniques and algorithms learned while making Dynasty Feud.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to contact me for question and/or suggestions. You can also follow me on Twitter @tejedoraitor or connect with me at LinkedIn (